With a keen desire to make a difference in the community, Satish has focused on the health and wellness aspects of living. He believes that we are all born with inherent and intrinsic strengths and that through the simple practice of yoga and Ayurveda we can activate these intrinsic strengths and re-energize our lives and become purposeful.

Yoga & Ayurveda

His keen interest in yoga led Satish to bring His Holiness Yogrishi Swami Ramdev–the Indian guru who has popularised the practice of yoga and turned it into a mass movement–to Canada on many visits to hold mass yoga sessions.

2007: Satish was part of an informal group of Indo-Canadians to invite Swami Ramdev Ji to Mississauga to hold mass yoga session for 7 days

2016: This group again invited Swami Ramdev to conduct mass yoga sessions in different locations in the Greater Toronto Area. The Hammerson Hall of Mississauga’s Living Arts Centre, which has a capacity of 1,300+ was all occupied with yoga enthusiasts and hundreds of others participating through live streaming.

2017: International Yoga Day Canada: Satish was instrumental in organising one of the largest congregations of Canadians in the Greater Toronto Area to celebrate the third edition of the International Day of Yoga in 2017.

Once again, Satish got Swami Ramdev and Sister Shivani of Brahmakumaris to lead yoga enthusiasts. Over 10,000 participants practised yoga at Mississauga’s International Centre. Satish is the Founding Chair of the Board of Directors and the Organising Committee of the International Yoga Day Canada.

2020: Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, Satish organised a virtual online session of yoga with Swami Ramdev and Rajyoga Meditation with Sister Shivani. The program was live streamed through social media platforms, and a whopping 70,000 people globally participated in the session.

Vedic Spiritual Heritage Foundation

Satish is the President of the Vedic Spiritual Heritage Foundation which promotes the Vedic way of life to live in consonance with nature. Yogic life is a way to break free from limitations we humans have imposed on ourselves to regain the clarity that reflects our highest potential and to empower our soul consciousness through meditation. Vedic life is a medium to unite people of different races, religions, traditions, across different nationalities. It can help in creating a world as one family.