About Excelsior Group

Excelsior Group is a Toronto-based multidimensional, multifaceted business conglomerate that has executed various commercial and residential development projects, and is in the financial consulting business.

The key to Excelsior Group’s success is Satish Thakkar, CA(I), FCPA, FCGA, its Founder President & CEO.

A serial entrepreneur, Satish believes that we should bequeath a better world to our future generations than the one that we inherit from our ancestors. His guiding principles for doing business include social inclusiveness, entrepreneurship, and economic prosperity for all.

From its inception, Excelsior Group has provided strategic planning and transaction support on the important business initiative to clients and helped companies grow and enhance shareholder value by offering both debt and equity solutions from institutional and/or private lenders.

Excelsior Development

In the last decade, Excelsior Group has transformed into a full-service real estate development company that offers end-to-end real estate development solutions.

Adopting a 360-degree approach, which is the Excelsior Group’s proven business strategy, it has executed & financed commercial and residential development projects that included all the stages of development from land acquisition to predevelopment planning to development and construction to occupancy and property management.

The main reason for Excelsior Group’s success in development projects is its strength in acquiring superior sites, development, construction management, cost control, marketing, negotiating a better financing deal, and property management.

These core competencies are strengthened by superlative soft skills

Enabling a bond of camaraderie among the team members
Unleashing each team member’s creative potential to its fullest
Coalescing diverse creativities into a fulsome whole to achieve the team’s vision

Excelsior Group’s success is premised on adding to the value chain, creating value for its stakeholders that include the development team, the tenants, and the lending partners and investors.

Excelsior Group’s strength

Meet Our Team

Excelsior Group engages the best of the best
Its team comprises highly experienced industry-specialised consultants and contractors.
The team’s objective is to deliver – to complete projects on time and within budget.

 Satish Thakkar, FCPA, FCGA
Satish Thakkar, FCPA, FCGA President, CEO of excelsior Group
Sherif Zakher, PMP
Sherif Zakher, PMP Director Development
Tej Saini, P. Eng., PMP
Tej Saini, P. Eng., PMPDirector Construction
Seema Chandrasekharan B.Com & MBA (Finance)
Seema Chandrasekharan B.Com & MBA (Finance)Manager Accounts
Lava K. Yalamarthi
Lava K. YalamarthiSite Supervisor