Project Description

Excelsior Centre – Canvan Monaghan

Located on the northeast corner of Highway 115 & County Rd. 10 at exit 38 in the center of the town of Cavan Monaghan, On.

The site will cater to the highway transiting traffic and the population in the surrounding rural area.
These roads provide convenient connections between the City of Peterborough and the major highways (401, 407, 418). They also link several rural villages together. It will be the only highway site accessible in both directions over that stretch of Hwy 115.

Cavan is a small rural community in the Township of Cavan Monaghan in Peterborough County in Central-Eastern Ontario. Just north of the Site is home of a major corn feed facility (Masterfeeds).

Millbrook village located south of Hwy 115 is a service center in the Township.

Target Market (TM) is composed of the highway transiting traffic volume and the resident population in the surrounding villages from the Site (Cavan, Millbrook, part of Fraserville, Mount Pleasant).

In the past 5 years, strong and higher population growth in the TM (8.7 %) than in Peterborough (4.8%) and Ontario (6.8%).

Older population with above-average household income: Median age at 46 yrs. vs 45 for Peterborough and 41 for Ontario. Average household income 22% higher than Peterborough ($112,000).

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